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Data Science Developer

Bratislava, Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia ASAP

Projects we will work on together
- Building Energy Management System
- Energy IoT Platform
- Energy Distribution
- Industrial Automation, Residential

Your daily job and responsibilities;

- ​Gather and characterize data inputs and outputs for the models
- Develop and integrate machine learning and optimization algorithms into production modeling code, help with testing and continuous improvement of the models
- Work with Software Engineers to integrate the modeling code into the software stack

Relevant skills, knowledge and experience


- Experience with python programming and structured software development experience, including experience with Agile software development processes
- Experience with model development experience using modeling libraries and frameworks such as pandas, pyomo, and PyTorch


- Analytical, problem solving, and communication skills
- Experience with optimization (LPs, MILPs and open-source solvers such as GLPK or CBC) and/or data science (supervised and unsupervised learning, classification, regression, deep learning, etc.)
- Experience working with SCM (git)


- Experience working with large volumes of data and integrating machine learning models into a broader software platform
- Experience working with data visualization
- Experience working with Docker and Kubernetes
- Experience working with Linux system (Ubuntu/Debian)
- Open-source contributions or other personal projects
- Knowledge of the energy industry - familiarity with energy markets, asset dispatch and financial modeling

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