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DevOps Engineer

Bratislava, Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia ASAP

Projects we will work on together:

- Building Energy Management System
- Energy IoT Platform
- Energy Distribution

Your daily job and responsibilities

- Design & operate workloads that will be deployed in the cloud with modern technologies (Docker/Kubernetes)
- Create packages for easy deployment and maintain configurability of the workloads
- Estimate efforts needed for feature development, deployment and maintainability
- Share knowledge with the team in areas that you excel at/studied
- Design, support and improve software delivery process and experience (e.g.: CI/CD pipeline, developer environment, version control of the components, etc.)
- Automate tasks to deploy/maintain SW environments with Ansible for various customers
- Provide INFRA support to other engineers
- Be part of the INFRA team designing and implementing a data-oriented SLA program for our customers

Relevant skills, knowledge and experience


- Operating and maintaining GNU/Linux Based VMs (Ubuntu/Debian, Alpine, CentOS..)
- Terminal & Python/Bash scripts are not your unfriendly territory
- Experience with Docker container technology ( or similar OCI stack )
- Creating and maintaining Docker containers
- Deploying containers to VMs/Orchestration Platform
- Knowledge of an object-oriented programming language (Python is advantage)
- Understanding CI/CD concepts and experience with CI/CD pipelines (Gitlab CI advantage)
- Enthusiasm to learn new technologies (i.e CNCF Landscape) and evaluate new design concepts (i.e Technology Radar)​
- Ability to work independently, problem-solving, and team player approach to solving problems


- Ability to dive into new codebases, generate data-driven decisions for refactoring opportunities, and contribute INFRA code.
- Knowledge of various data formats JSON, XML, YAML
- Networking stack knowledge
- OSI model
- Firewall
- Routing, NAT
- Load balancers/Failovers
- Security domain knowledge
- CIA Triad: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
- X.509 Certificates
- Basic Auth/OAuth/SSO SAML
- Kubernetes experience
- Deploying own cluster manually/automated advantage (SaaS not considered an advantage)
- CKA/CKAD certification considered an advantage
- Knowledge of Software Engineering processes & SCRUM principles
- Experience with estimating software engineering tasks
- Requirements definitions process
- Experience with Ansible automation and playbooks
- Backup/Restore experience with docker based solutions (less ideally with VMs)


- Cloud-Native Networking/Storage Experience
- DBA experience (but not just installed and used defaults/basic DDLs/DMLs)
- Knowledge of the technologies from the CNCF stack or similar

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