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Edge & Platform Developer

Bratislava, Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia ASAP

Projects we will work on together:
- Building Energy Management System
- Energy IoT Platform
- Energy Distribution
- Industrial Automation, Residential

Your daily job and responsibilities:

- Estimate efforts needed for feature development, deployment, and maintenance.
- Development of drivers for different kinds of protocols and devices, data transformation between multiple protocols.
- Final integration of developed drivers and transformations into functional solutions enabling communication from devices to cloud and back.
- Using IoT platforms:
- to connect devices with the cloud
- to create a visualization of the devices datastream for users
- to create rules for datastream in the cloud and at the edge devices in order to bring the added value of devices and cloud interconnection

Relevant skills, knowledge and experience:


- Experience with HTTP, Websocket, MQTT protocols
- Experience with one of following programming language (Javascript, Python, Lua), some frameworks like Django is an advantage
- Experience with data formats like JSON, XML
- Experience with Linux system (Ubuntu/Debian)
- Software Engineering processes and best practices


- Experience with protocols usually used in industrial and facility environments
- Experience with databases (Relational/Non-relational)
- Experience with API ala REST, GrapQL a WebSockets
- Experience with SCM (git)
- Knowledge of IoT platform architecture (eg: Thingsboard, AWS or other cloud IoT solutions)
- Knowledge of IoT platforms functionality (e.g. Thingsboard is an advantage)
- Knowledge of microservice architecture and principles
- Experience with
- estimating software engineering tasks
- requirements definitions process


- Knowledge or experience with Energy Management Systems
- Knowledge or experience with Smart Building technologies
- Knowledge of microservice architecture and principles

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